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Are you dealing with rent out water sport-equipments? Or operating a water-tour station?

Guarantee your place on the map of water-tour stations, increase the number of your visitors and make them smile in a satisfied way.

Our main goal is organize the associations dealing with water tourism or rent out water-sport equipments around Hungary’s water-areas, and provide this way an extensive palette of services for the users and the highest reach possible for the operators.

Nowadays the Golden Pages are only available on-line!
The men of today and the future spend a significant amount of time with browsing web surfeces, make these things help with organising his programs and spare time activities. This site make it possible for the users to browse between the offers -can be found on our website- of locations and products using his cellphone, book and pay the equipments online and pursue his hobby in a unencumbered way.

Forget the square glid booklet and the administration!
The system beside serving users needs, removes the burden of operative and administrative tasks of your shoulder. The automatized mechanisms given by the program like supply management, pass over-take over, online invoicing and other more functions make the working process easy and transparent.

If you like to join us, contact our colleagues with trust on the e-mail address.